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Product Development

Imagine a NEW power generation systems with UNLIMITED POWER that is emissions free, and totally green. System sizes from 5 Kw to Megawatts that are cheap to build, safe  to operate and can be used to power homes, business, transportation, cars,  trucks, ships, military equipment, even planes and spacecraft.  Thorium is the best alternative to oil, gas, coal and conventional Nuclear power plants and is the replacement technology internal combustion engines.  The amount of free energy contained in thorium fuel is 20 million times the amount of free energy contained in a similar mass of chemical fuel such as coal, making thorium an ideal source of energy


Laser Power Systems Thorium technology will Create a new era in sustainable green technologies revitalization the US economy by bringing back large scale high tech manufacturing. Sustainable development simply makes a good business case, in broad terms the Mission of LPS is to create an economic boom for the area in which it is located, providing thousands of high paying jobs with full benefits, provide a growing tax base for the expansion of local infrastructure (school, hospitals, roads, utilities, government building and services) while maintaining a high quality of life. The manufacturing center will have a secondary spin off effect on the local economy in many other areas such as hospitality, construction, transportation. This in turn will create an industrial base that will impact the world economy with new cutting edge manufacturing and energy technologies that will provide the world with clean green energy STOPPING global warming.